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"When Mette arranges a song, the borders we normally put up between classical and non-classical music disappears. With her rare and extremely gifted understanding of music, she succeeds in transforming the different world's expressions and cultures into not just a dialogue, but a shared language sounding like the purest, magical poetry."



Jonas H. Petersen

Mette Dahl Kristensen is a young and innovative 

Danish arranger and composer with a long line of succesful work for some of the nordic music scene's leading artist's like Ane Brun, Jenny Wilson Pernille Rosendahl, Steffen Brandt and Søren Huss. 


She is educated in Music Theory and Violin from The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, 2013. Her Master Thesis was the project Nordlyd, for which she received top marks and an excellent review.


As a musician Mette has been playing viola in the Danish string ensemble WHO KILLED BAMBI since 2009. The group has worked with artist like  Father John Misty, Rod Stewart, KT Tunstall, Oh Land and Teitur


She teaches music theory and ear training at MGK-Ø, and has made lectures in arrangement at The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus.




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