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Nordlyd v133
Nordlyd v116
Nordlyd v172
Nordlyd v131
Nordlyd v124
Nordlyd v111

NORDLYD feat. søren huss, mariam wallentin & siri nilsen

At SPOT Festival 2013 Mette's Master's project from The Royal Academy of Music "NORDLYD feat. Søren Huss, Mariam Wallentin & Siri Nilsen" was performed.


The aim was to present nordic music anno 2013 in a new and more subtle and formal setting.

Mette made the nine arrangements for string orchestra, and they we're performed with the soloists at a packed venue - ending with standing ovations.


Together with top marks she received the following review:

"The scores show a very high level of craftmanship, and reflects an intimate knowledge of the instruments and the string litterature.

It is a very ambitious project, and opens the doors to Mette's professional life an arranger."

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